Ya! Bijin?

little welcome dudes

Welcome. First of all, let me clarify: why ‘bijin’?

Well, if you’re hoping for a fashion or manga/anime nerd blog, sorry to disappoint. I was actually going for ‘big in Japan’ but that was already taken.

So, for any readers who don’t know, bijin 美人 is the Japanese word for ‘beautiful woman,’ although the characters actually translate to ‘beautiful person.’ Am I really vain enough for this? Well, no, I wouldn’t have thought so, but it was free and very similar to ‘big in’. Plus, ‘bij’ in my family means ‘television’. (When we were kids, one of us couldn’t be bothered saying the whole word?) But it’s not a TV blog either.

L in Japan

yep, uniqlo – it’s pretty cheap here

This blog is intended to be about my experience in Japan as a Westerner and specifically a white Australian woman. My excellent intended name of ‘big in Japan’ was thusly inspired: In Japan, I am big in two ways. Firstly, I noticed when I first came, in my town I was immediately famous and somewhat popular because I looked non-Asian. Hence, big. I had this Tom Waits song stuck in my head a lot of that year. Secondly, although I’m average size in Australia and usually buy clothes that are S or maybe M, in Japan I’m always an L, and for shoes, LL if it’s available. It’s usually not, but sometimes I’m lucky.

Ok. First post done. Yohkoso, welcome, thank you for reading, please read again. Yoroshiku! (Goodly/well!)


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