No pomp and ceremony here


Snow gums, Mt Hotham

Today’s post is a quick one mid-break, and it is kind of about being brief and to the point.

Being temporarily back in Australia, I’ve been noticing again how different the style of hospitality is to what you get in Japan. Customers are treated less like royalty and more like old mates in Australia. This is not to say that Japan is pretentious or that Australia is not, exactly – there’s plenty of wankery on Australian menus in particular – but it really made me appreciate how and maybe why Australians have the reputation of being friendly, as opposed to the Japanese reputation of politeness.

This kind of Australian-ness is perhaps more noticeable when you get outside the city. In this case, I went to the snow up in the Great Diving Range. It’s all seasonal staff in the ski villages, which means a particular atmosphere and some less professional/experienced hospitality workers than you might expect to find in a city.

Here are a couple of signs that I felt encapsulated some of the down-to-earth-ness that I like in Australia.


Best part of this sign: ‘also no beers soz’


Didn’t realise until seeing this that it wasn’t only my family who have this name for vanilla slice. Have also heard it called ‘phlegm gem.’



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