Japanese Post Attempt No. 1

(English below)








This post is, as you see, my first attempt at writing a post in Japanese. The contents go something like this:

I’m in a fix.

I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now, but what should I be trying to convey here? Small, everyday things? The culture of greetings…?

The other day, I read an article that was interesting but annoyed me. The interesting part was reading some things that a Japanese girl who did a one-year study abroad in Australia thought about Australia. The annoying part was that what she seemed to get out of it was a renewal of her ability to appreciate the goodness of Japan. (From here on it’s my opinion which will be nothing new to any long-time readers, but I haven’t written in Japanese before.)

Why did I find this annoying?

Perhaps the way the writing implies a belief that Japan is better than anywhere else just doesn’t fit with my own way of thinking. To me as an Australian, such strong patriotic or even nationalistic thinking seems a tad gross. I think most Australians would feel something like, ‘Australia is where I brought up and it’s home, so it’s good to me.’ But I can’t think, and I don’t think most Australians would think, ‘Australia is Australia, therefore it’s the best.’ Wouldn’t that be the opposite of the humility Japan is so proud of?

Of course, I know many Japanese people don’t think the same way as the writer of that piece. Just, reading that was interesting and at the same time, irritating.

Reader, are there things you would like to know about Australia or about an Australian’s perspective of something in Japan? If there are, please let me know. And sorry for my poor Japanese; I’m writing this in order to try to improve 🙂

*end translation*

Here is a list of the things that surprised that writer, by the way. I won’t translate the whole article, but just to give you an idea.

  1. Australians don’t really use umbrellas
  2. The products at the supermarket are all big
  3. Different people seem to feel hot and cold more (some people are in T-shirts and shorts while others might be wearing winter clothes)
  4. It’s hard to find a bus timetable
  5. Australia is really anti-smoking
  6. Some people don’t wear shoes outside
  7. The shops close early
  8. You can drink and drive (The legal limit is BAC 0.05)
  9. They sell some wine that is cheaper than soft drinks
  10. You have to wear a helmet when you ride a bike
  11. Some people eat things before paying for them (in the supermarket. Bijinjapan input here: I have never seen or heard of this happening. Have you?)

2 thoughts on “Japanese Post Attempt No. 1

  1. Well done, Japanese girl! That seems like a real achievement.
    While it is rare for food sampling at the supermarket, when I was a lot younger, I became aware of someone having a taste of the ice cream before buying it, to see if it was any good, and possibly other food occasionally. However, that is in the distant past; so long ago that I am not really sure that it actually happened. 😉


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