Quick update アップデート

(English below)





Still here yo.

Just been busier than usual lately, having started a new job. With the new job I’m at work until 6:30 or 7pm every day, then come home, eat while watching a TV show, read a bit and sleep. It’s totally OK to leave on time at this job, except I’m new and don’t know what I’m doing, so can’t really get to the level of efficiency where I’ve got everything I need to done by 5.

Also, I haven’t felt as stirred to write because in my new job it’s really international and there are heaps of non-Japanese people, so I feel more, well, normal and don’t really think ‘This wouldn’t happen in Australia’ nearly so much. My job now is less to be something to gawk at and expose students to otherness, and more just being part of an international thing.

So I’ll probably want to broaden/change the scope of this blog, not sure how at this point, and for a bit will probably continue to write less until life settles down a bit again. That being said, it’s Golden Week next week so we’ll see.


5 thoughts on “Quick update アップデート

  1. How nice to pick up roma-ji. It is controversial problem when we teach English.
    I have thought about it for years. I also had already written my opinion as an article of the English teachers’ magazine on teaching roma-ji and writing English. The Ministry of Education of Japan advises that they teach Kunrei style in the primary school. As you know, the primary school students are going to start writing English soon. As you pointed, there are several problems on teaching roma-ji. I cannot understand the ministry would solve these problems before starting writing English at primary school. I need time to talk about it overnight. I also don’t understand the official teachers do not complain this item at all. I’d like to see you and talk!!

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